New Bedford MA personal injury lawsuit

Personal injury cases are tricky, even if it’s blatant that the other party caused your injury. Without the help of a personal injury attorney in New Bedford MA, your chances of winning the appropriate amount of compensation could dwindle.

Sometimes the other party may reject the claim that they have caused your injury. In this case, a personal injury lawyer will need to step in to help determine who is at fault and prove that you are in the right. The first step is determining which type of fault this case encompasses.

Four Levels of Fault in Personal Injury Cases

  1. Negligence is when a careless action occurs which results in an injury. For example, your coworker may have made you operate a machine you didn’t know how to use, leading to an injury.
  2. Recklessness is when one party was willfully disregarding your safety. For example, you coworker or even a family member may have taken you out for a spin on their new motorcycle and crashed, resulting in your injury.
  3. Intentional Misconduct more complex than the previous two faults, intentional misconduct may occur due to a faulty product or service.
  4. Strict Liability also a very complicated issue, strict liability can also happen in the event of a faulty product or misguided service that results in a personal injury.

When Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney?

Before accepting any money from another individual or company due to an accident, you should consult a personal injury lawyer in New Bedford first, such as the Law Office or Bardsley & Gray. Our personal injury attorneys will make sure that you are paid appropriate compensation for your injuries.

Sometimes you won’t know the extent of your injury until weeks or even months later. What may have just seemed like a simple bump on the head could turn out to be more serious than originally thought. This is when it’s time to get an attorney involved.

If you have even the smallest notion that you’ve been unjustly injured on the job or elsewhere, contact our New Bedford personal injury lawyers today for a free half hour consultation.


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