If you are the unfortunate victim of an auto accident in New Bedford, Dartmouth, Fall River, Bristol County of Plymouth County Massachusetts or any of the surrounding areas, you must have a lot of mixed emotions. In addition to any potential physical injuries, you are experiencing emotional stress and considering any and all damage claims associated with the accident.

The Law Office of Bardsley and Gray have the most successful attorneys that adhere to the highest of standards. Both attorneys, James Bardsley and Lisa Gray, have the experience, passion and resources to make this process seamless, stress free and successful. Our goal is to obtain the most financial compensation available to you.

After an accident, the main consideration is medical care. Do not postpone obtaining any and all necessary medical attention needed to bring you to a healthy state.

Additionally, after a car accident, your vehicle may be heavily damaged and/or totaled. Let the Law Office of Bardsley and Gray answer any questions that you may have with regard to fault, medical and insurance bills. Our goal is to get you what you deserve. You must understand your rights!

Finally, dealing with the insurance agencies is neither quick nor easy. It is likely that during the claim process, whereby we are seeking financial reimbursement, we will experience ‘insurance push-back’. We are quite experienced in dealing with insurance companies attempting to avoid their financial responsibilities. You should be compensated for what you deserve, and we will reach that goal for you.

Don’t wait! If you are in the New Bedford, Fall River, Dartmouth, Bristol County, Plymouth County Massachusetts area and have been in a car accident, we are available to help and guide you through this difficult process. We will zealously represent you and obtain the best outcome that you deserve.

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