In Massachusetts, if a dog injures someone the owner is 100% liable for any injury caused by
their dog. Even if the owner is not at fault and did not have anything to do with their dog’s
aggressive behavior, they are responsible for their dog’s actions. Dog bites are considered a
public health hazard that frequently occurs. According to the CDC, The Centers for Disease
Control and Prevention, “approximately 4.5 million dog bites occur each year in the United
States. Almost 1 out of 5 bites will become infected.”

When making contact with a dog you have to be careful. The people that tend to be at the
most risk are the ones that are around your dog the most. Neighbors, family members and
small children are at the most risk; so, be alert around even the most trained dog.

Dog attacks can be scary and be a long lasting issue for the victim. Dog attack victims can
sustain minor injuries from bruises and scratches to more serious injuries like the loss of limbs
and rabies. When a dog attack is caused by an owner or caretaker’s negligence, you should
contact a personal injury lawyer at the Law Office of Bardsley and Gray for legal representation.

The Attorneys have been serving the Bristol County, Plymouth County and Southeastern
Massachusetts area for over a decade and know what a dog bite case entails.

Like any other personal injury case, a claim should be filed as soon as the incident has occurred.
Dog bite injuries can result in significant complications, including infection, scarring and panic
attacks. In addition to physical trauma, victims are at a higher risk of developing a fear of dog
and trusting them in the future affecting their everyday life.

A dog owner should be fully educated with regard to training their dog, keeping it contained,
and protecting themselves and bystanders at all times. The owner of a dog is completely
responsible and the excuse of a dog being aggressive is not acceptable. The owner is required
to keep the dog away and safe from the public.

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