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Child Support

At The Law Office of Bardsley and Gray, we have extensive experience in helping clients resolve their child support problems.  We will diligently represent you in all aspects of child support litigation, from drafting agreements, to settling your case on fair and equitable terms, and, if need be, going to trial to make sure you receive a fair order of support.

Child Support

If you have children, you know how expensive it can be to raise them.  You need aggressive, experienced lawyers to help find a fair resolution.  At Bardsley & Gray, we will protect your rights whether you need child support or are paying child support.


Question: What is child support?

The term “Child Support” is used to describe payment of money, usually by one parent to the other to help give financial support for the child(ren).

Question: Should I be paying or receiving support for my child(ren)?

Massachusetts law requires parents to provide financial support for their children.  If the child lives with you, the other, “non custodial” parent has to pay that support to you.  The type of relationship you and the other parent have (married or unmarried) affects how you go about asking for child support.

Question: How much support should I be getting or paying?

In Massachusetts, the court will use the incomes of the parents and calculate support based upon the “Child Support Guidelines”.  There are many factors in every case to consider.  For example one party may also be asking for spousal support “alimony”, or you may have a child with special needs who requires more than what the Child Support Guidelines call for.  At Bardsley and Gray, we are compassionate and diligent lawyers who will help you figure out a fair support amount.  We’ll fight hard to obtain a fair order of child support.


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