Cars on road during fall season

New Bedford MA during the fall season is always a beautiful sight and a welcoming change from the oppressive summer heat. Unfortunately, the fall season brings about another major change: an increase in pedestrian and motor vehicle accidents.

At the Law Office of Bardsley and Gray, our personal injury attorneys want New Bedford residents to know that both drivers and pedestrians should be more aware of their surroundings when traveling.

What drivers and pedestrians should be aware of this season

  • Drivers are required by state law to stop for all pedestrians who have entered crosswalks. Whenever you enter a city, town or village, be aware of the crosswalk signs in the middle of the road or on the side of the roads.
  • Pedestrians need to obey traffic signals at all intersections; they exist in order to provide safe passage from one side of the street to the other.
  • Drivers are allowed to proceed forward once all pedestrians have left the crosswalk. It’s important to look to the left or the right before passing through the crosswalk section in case other pedestrians are running to cross the street.
  • Pedestrians must look both ways before crossing the street — even if they are about to enter a crosswalk — because vehicles may not see you or they may be too close to the crosswalk to stop in time for you to cross.

Hundreds of pedestrians happen every year, a majority of which happen during the fall season due to low visibility. For drivers, it’s important to keep headlights on during dusk as well as after sunset. Pedestrians should always wear reflective gear if they are out on the streets after sunset.

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