Credit card debt is not uncommon. Credit cards can be useful and can help build your credit. Having good credit can sometimes help you to get an apartment, job, or better interest rate on your auto insurance. However, credit cards are not for everyone. If you don’t have strong self-control or an understanding of how a credit card works or how the payments fit into your budget, than you should ask questions before opening a credit card.

The best option and only option the bankruptcy attorneys at Law Office of Bardsley and Gray recommend, for dealing with your credit card bill is to pay in full by the due date. If you cannot pay the balance in full each month and if you only pay the minimum amount due, you will incur extra interest fees. If you only pay the minimum amount due, an interest fee will be added to what you owe the following month. Interest adds up quickly.  A $100 purchase could cost you $200 in total, or even more.  It is easy to so see why so many people find themselves in over their heads with credit card debt. Credit cards are an added responsibility that requires attention, organization and understanding.

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